Our Specialities
  • Freelance sculptor, mold making, casting, carpenter of sets and prop builder, painter, technical trouble shooter, installer and crew supervisor. Open availability for specialty projects, travel is not an issue, able to meet deadlines. References are available upon request.
  • Repair, repaint, and restore all types of signs, murals, props, scenery, displays, statues, figures, models, toys, dolls, antiques and more. All of this can be accomplished using my artistic skills and technical knowledge to make your items look like new.
  • Transforming life casts and body molds to make realistic copies of a live model. If a live model is unavailable a life like sculpture can be created from a photograph or other reference materials.
  • Technical advise and trouble shooting for prototypes, casting materials, production molds, techniques and material sources for your products and ideas.
  • Molding and casting services. Ability to make multiple copies of any object using silicone and urethane rubber molds to create reproductions in a variety of materials. The materials we use but are not limited to consist of expanding urethane foam, fiberglass, plastics, rubber or metal. All are used for commercial, industrial, or decorative purposes.

Mark Hutzky
570 - 842 - 6268

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